All pictures are Copyrighted 1976-2012 by Christmas Tree Farm Network, Inc

All music and photographs are copyrighted

With music the composer holds the copyright on the music AND the singer/band holds the secondary copyright, subject to the first copyright.

With photography it's the same. The original photographer holds the copyright on the picture. Anyone who has permission to copy the photograph and changes it to digital form holds a secondary copyright. You may not copy the digital photo and change it without permission.

If you violate either copyright, you may be sued for damages. One chain store copy service was successfully sued for over 1,000,000 dollars for letting someone copy a photograph without the photographers permission. The Internet changes nothing. If you didn't take the original picture and you don't have permission to use the picture, you can be sued for copying Internet images.

All of Captain Jack Images are water marked with a hidden copyright code which can only be read with special computer programs. There is no way to remove these copyright codes without destroying the photograph. If you copy a picture, you also copy the hidden copyright code. If you use a photograph on your Internet page with this code, you are in violation of the Copyright Rules of the United States and subject to damages.

If you didn't take the photo with your camera -- it isn't yours to use without permission

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